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Fashion Fight Fiasco 11

We're at it once again!! THIS time...we're going big...REALLY BIG!

So big, we have to hold this party in TWO parts at TWO locations. How's THAT for doing it Big Willy Style?!?!?

Our night starts with exhibition fights featuring our clients and friends from around the area at our home gym. Our clients will be showing off their skills and technique from their hard work in classes this year and cheer them on in their success! **Tickets to this portion of the night are sold out**

Then, we move to The Circle in Huntington Beach for a night of debauchery ;) TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THIS AFTERPARTY AT

1 - A big projector screen playing the fights from earlier in the night

2- Live performances from some of the hottest musical talent in southern California,

3- Our very own Dj Lux, DJ Revolution from Power 106, DJ Dino, AJ, and crew of epic DJ's

4- Our signature fashion show featuring the Women and Warriors of Wardance showcasing local brands: MUNUM,  Warriors Unite (our new, in-house clothing brand), Primordial Wings (our new in-house brand for yogis and spiritual warriors), and more.

5- Live painting and art installations

6- Super Hoopers will be there with LED hoops and performers spinning poi

...and SO much more, your ticket gets you access to the biggest viewing party in all of OC!!



fiasco 11
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